1. Instill knowledge of economics: establish a solid foundation in the areas of economics, mathematics and finance.
  2. Grow job skills: develop capabilities that meet the need of job market
  3. Pursue excellence: nurture problem-solving and analysis capability.
  4. Develop global vision: cultivate economics professionals with global perspective.




  1. Grow job skills: develop capabilities that meet the needs of job market.
  2. Pursue excellence: nurture problem-solving and analysis capability.
  3. Develop global vision: cultivate economics professionals with global perspective.




  1. Our curriculum is designed to comprise Economics, Applied English, and Information Technology to meet the trend of globalization and e-commerce in business.

  4. The economic courses combine both theory and practice. The courses particularly designed to enhance students ability in logic analyses are Economic Mathematics, Econometrics and Econometric Software Package. Specialized elective programs designed to increase students’ capabilities in analyzing economic problems and making decisions to meet the requirement of the job market include three fields of study: International Economics, Applied Economics and Financial Economics. Students have good opportunities to select elective courses across fields.

  7. Our students learn several information courses and can use various software, such as Excel、Matlab、SAS、Cats Rats、E-views, etc.

  10. We have a Security Research Room and a Department Library for students to use. In an effort to improve teachers' and students' professional knowledge and networking with the industry and governments, we are making efforts to establish a Global Economic Research Center and a Monetary Relic Room.

  13. We have perfect e-learning class rooms and teaching facilities.


    1. Each faculty member has his/her own research room on campus that is equipped with computer,
    printer, and Internet connection.
    2. For graduate students, each has his/her office desk in spacious research rooms, which are
    furnished with computers, printers, and phones.
    3. In addition, the department has its own computer lab and conference room to facilitate
    variousacademic activities.
    4. A new pedagogical global economic research center is under construction to further enhance
    theintegration of economic theories and practical applications.

  16. To uplift students’ morality in terms of doing businesses and devoting themselves to society, the Department holds Economics and Love Caring Humanity Camp every semester.

  19. Our administrative processes are institutionalized and thus can quickly respond to the needs of teachers andstudents.

  22. We stress the importance of collaboration between the Department and the industry. The Department has/had collaborated with Polaris Securities Company, Pin Feng Securities Investment Consultant Company, Shin Kong Life Insurance Company, Fubon Financial and Taian Insurance in teaching and job training programs.



Core Competencies



  1. Solid foundation in the areas of economics, mathematics and finance.
  2. Knowledge in essential economics fields.
  3. Ability to employ econometric tools and information systems.
  4. Thinking, analysis and problem-solving capabilities.
  5. Continuous self-study mentality and ability to conduct topical research.
  6. Economics specialty with sense of societal commonwealth.
  7. Understanding of the interaction between current events and economic dynamics on a global scale.




  1. Advanced knowledge in economics. .
  2. Enhanced analytic capability in economics. 
  3. Ability to interpret current economics affairs.
  4. Economics specialization and sense of societal commonwealth.

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