Future Prospects

          In order to accomplish our mission and keep abreast of current trends, we have designed both medium-term and long-term plans of teaching and research to cater to several specialized areas of interest. In doing so, we have specifically developed two focused fields of study:


(1) Industrial Economics Track

 Offer diverse and eclectic courses to enhance students’ knowledge in the areas of industrial development, IT industry, healthcare industry, e-commerce, international business and management, and international trade, etc.

(2) Financial Economics Track

On top of the core courses of money, banking, and financial markets, and investment, related courses are offered to further study their policy indications and practical applications.


In the future, the Department will work to achieve the following objectives:

  1. In the era of globalization, international movement of goods and capital will be more frequent than before. To meet the needs this presents, in addition to the existing Financial Economics and Finance Focused Course Programs, the Department will add International Trade and Economics Focused Course Program to the curriculum in order to train more professionals in international finance and trade.
  2. In order to increase teachers’ research and teaching abilities, the Department will continuously encourage teachers to do research and publish their research results, and, at the same time, hold teaching seminars during each academic year.
  3. Strengthen the link between current students and alumni, and increase the function of the MCU Economics Department Alumni Association.
  4. Increase collaborations with the industry, understand the needs of the industry, and recruit outstanding teachers with practice experience.


What Can Economics Graduates Do?

        Students who graduate from the Department  of Economics and Finance can choose further studies, being a civil servant, or having a job in the financial sector or other industries. Most business and management postgraduate programs give an entrance test in Economics. Several government departments and commercial banks also require an entrant test in Economics in Taiwan.


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