Full Time Teacher

Huang, Chien-Sen

 Title: Professor, Director of Art Center
 Lab.: 2
 Mail: cshuang@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=8000323 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
 Phone: 3467
 Specialization: Economic theory,History of Economic ideas
 Instruction: Regional Economic Growth,Economic Development,Bank Management,
        Management Practice,Fiscal

Hsu, Yao-Nan

Title: Associate Professor and Chair
 Lab.: 12
 Mail: ynhsu@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=8100464 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., National Chengchi University, Taiwan
 Phone: 3240
 Specialization: International Trade,International Finance,Macroeconomics
 Instruction: International Economics,Macroeconomics,Economics

Wang, Yu-Ter

 Title: Professor
 Lab.: 3
 Mail: ytwang@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=9301072 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., National Taiwan University, Taiwan
 Phone: 3453
 Specialization: International Economics,Applied Microeconomics
 Instruction: International Economics,Microeconomics,International trade topics,
        Game Theory and Application

Yu, Yi-Jang

Title: Associate Professor
 Lab.: 9
 Mail: yjyu@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=8300986 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., City University of New York, USA
 Phone: 3459
 Specialization: Economic Development,Derivatives,Financial Economics
 Instruction: Economics,mathematical economics,Investment Theory,
        International Financial Management,Mathematical Economics,
        Financial Economics

Lin, Shin-Jong

 Title: Associate Professor
 Lab.: 11
 Mail: joysjlin@ms41.hinet.net (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=8400277 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, USA
 Phone: 3461
 Specialization: Health Economics,Welfare and health policy for the elderly,
         Labor Economics
 Instruction: Economics,Microeconomics,Health Economics

Lan, Ching-Yu

 Title: Associate Professor
 Lab.: 21
 Mail: cylan@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=9401112 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., National Chengchi University, Taiwan
 Phone: 3470
 Specialization: International Finance,Macroeconomic,Applied Econometrics
 Instruction: Macroeconomic,International Finance,Applied Econometrics

Wang, Kuang-Hsien

 Title: Associate Professor
 Lab.: 25
 Mail: khwang@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=9601053 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., National Central University, Taiwan
 Phone: 3474
 Specialization: Industrial Organization, Microeconomics,Applied Econometrics
 Instruction: Economics,Microeconomics

Lu, Wen-Cheng

 Title: Associate Professor
 Lab.: 16
 Mail: luwc@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=9700535 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., National Central University, Taiwan
 Phone: 3452
 Specialization: Econometrics,Industrial Organization, Microeconomics,
         Financial Economics
 Instruction: Time Series Analysis

Huang, Shu-Chin

 Title: Associate Professor
 Lab.: 8
 Mail: schuang@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=8700736 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., Leeds University, The United Kingdom
 Phone: 3458
 Specialization: European Economic Integration,Industrial Development and Policies
         (particularly specialized in technology, foreign direct investment, and
         employment policies)
 Instruction: European Economic Integration,The euro and the European economic

Chiang, Ching-Yi

 Title: Assistant Professor
 Lab.: 7
 Mail: cychiang@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=8800384 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., Michigan State University, USA
 Phone: 3457
 Specialization: Monetary Economics,Econometrics,Macroeconomics,
         International Economics
 Instruction: Monetary Economics,Economics,Macroeconomics

Shen, Shu-Fen

 Title: Assistant Professor
 Lab.: 6
 Mail: zoeshen@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=8601262 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
 Phone: 3456
 Specialization: Microeconomic Analysis,Environmental Economics,Econometrics,
         mathematical economics
 Instruction: Econometrics,mathematical economics,Microeconomics,
        Software Package

Hsiao, Cheng-Te

 Title:Assistant Professor
 Mail:cthsiao@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio:http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=9300524 (link is external)
 Education:Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, USA
 Specialization:Econometrics, Development,International Trade and Investment,
         Statistics and Econometrics,Financial Economics
 Instruction:Financial Theory and practice,Topic of global trade,
        Investment decision-making theory,Econometric Research Topics

Yeh, You-Ching

 Title: Assistant Professor
 Lab.: 14
 Mail: ycyeh@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)
 E-Portfolio: http://eportfolio.mcu.edu.tw/ePortfolio/Teacher/Html/index.asp?tno=9700543 (link is external)
 Education: Ph.D., National Chengchi University, Taiwan
 Phone: 3451
 Specialization: Money and Banking,Financial Intermediation Theory
 Instruction: Money and Banking

Jhang, Jian - Yi

Title:Assistant Professor


Specialization:Industrial Economucs, Microeconomics, International Finance, Econometrics

Yin, Yong - Siang



Specialization:International Economics, Monetary Banking, Econometrics, Time Series

Lin, Fong - Fu 

Title:Associate Professor


Specialization:Econometrics, Economic Development, Economic across the Taiwan Strait

Jhang, Sin - Cyuan

Title:Associate Professor


Specialization:International Economics, Development Economics, Public Economics

Cai, Jhang - Huang

Title: Instructor


Specialization:Financial Institutions Management

Huang, Jian - Ming

Title: Assistant Professor


Specialization:Big-Data Analytics, Financial Econometrics, Real Estate Finance

Lin, Ling - Ming

Title: Instructor


Specialization: Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting, Auditing and Financial Statement Analysis

Liao, Chao - Cheng

Title: Assistant Professor


Specialization:Indutry Analysis, Investment Practice

Lin, Chin - Pin

Title: Assistant Professor


Specialization:Futures Analysis, Current Trends Analysis

Chen, Jenq-Lian

Title: Instructor

Mail:jlchen@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)

Specialization:International Trade Theory and Policy,Macroeconomics,Microeconomics

Teng, Tzu-Chieh


Mail:deng@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)


You, Chia-Shiang

Tital:Contract Teaching Assistant

Mail:you@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)


Wang, Hsin-Hui

Tital:Contract Teaching Assistant

Mail:huihui@mail.mcu.edu.tw (link sends e-mail)


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