A few words from the chairman


        Greeting to all students! I would like first to welcome you all to join the extended family of the Department of Economics and Banking.

        The Department of Economics and Banking, originally the Department of Economics, has entered the 25th year of its establishment. Our alumni have been prosperous in various sectors at home and abroad, especially in the financial sector (including banking, securities, and futures and insurance trades), which accounts for 50% of the total employment of our graduates. Upholding the University’s ‘one key concept expressed three ways’ and ‘attending to all students with parental care, support, and guidance’ principles, we aim at cultivating economic and financial professionals with global vision, econometric and information application ability, problem-solving capacity, team spirit and humane caring, to be able to cope with international competition and information technological development, and to excel in economic and financial environment dynamics.

        In order to focus more on the training in the financial track building on the foundation of economic theory, we divide our professional electives into industrial economics and financial groups to cultivate financial professionals with analytical ability in industrial economics. In addition, to cultivate cross-disciplinary talents, we have recently added Financial Technology and E-commerce focused course programs which, along with the original Financial Economics and Banking focused course program, embrace the evolution of technology and the far reach of the Internet. These programs incorporate financial technology, e-commerce and big data analysis, etc., so that through these program designs, the Department of Economics and Banking will be able to nurture financial professionals with Internet creativity and application competence so that all students will have a rewarding experience and reach their full potential.

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